Monday, April 30, 2012

She's Got Electric Boots

Aerie Sweater, Aerie Jean Shorts, Hunter Boots, Anthropologie Headband, Target Tights, Charming Charlie Necklace (worn as bracelet), "H" Necklace (gift from my mom), Revlon "Violet Frenzy" Lipstick

When I decided to add a pair of Hunter rain boots to my Christmas wish list, I knew I wanted them to be bright; I figured I'd be wearing them on rainy and snowy days (read: cloudy days) when a pop of color is much needed. This past weekend I returned home so that I could focus on getting some way long overdue reading and paper writing done, and although I decided to watch Legally Blonde on E! instead I did other useful things with my time, I still made sure to take some time to relax with my dog and partake in some leisurely cooking. The forecast called for rain, but in lieu of puddles and the lulling noise of a downpour, we received merely a dreary day. I still took advantage of my beloved boots, though, and their vibrance proved to be the perfect cure to an otherwise colorless afternoon. Theirs and Elle Woods's, that is.

xo Heidi
[PRESS PLAY: "No Rain" by Blind Melon. Available on iTunes.] 

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  1. You look lovely and I like your Outfit, your Tights and Wellingtons are adorable.