Thursday, April 19, 2012

Like a Dandelion

[Diaphanous, dainty, and one with nature]

Memories of my childhood are peppered with times spent outside. Whether I was swinging on the playset in my backyard, attempting to create a snowman in the winter, rolling down  the hill on the side of my house, or watching my brother and sister play with worms (I was repulsed by the hobby), I practically lived outside until a certain age. And to be honest, I miss those days--the carefreeness of being a kid, the chalk-covered fingers and the bike rides to the park. Spring always reminds me of these times due to the longer days and mild nights. And the dandelions. Who didn't make wishes before blowing on these pretty weeds as a kid? 
So to complement the puffy blossoms and pay homage to those well-missed springs of the 1990's, I've decided to make an effort to don sundresses that are just as ethereal as dandelions. But "effort" isn't really necessary since they're in stores everywhere due to their downright prettiness and easy flow. And being low-maintenance is key; I'll pair them with no more than rolled-out-of-bed hair and strappy sandals. Because that's what I would've done as a kid, after all.

Kimchi Blue Mellow Yellow Dress, $129,

Lace Panel Maxi Dress, $100,

Dancer Slip, $98,

Flounced Leaf Dress, $29.80,

 Crochet Top, $79.90,

xo Heidi
[PRESS PLAY: "Come Together" by The Beatles. Available on iTunes.] 

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