Monday, April 23, 2012

Never Have I Ever

[Never have I ever not overpacked.]

Saturday night was a typical one for a college student; it was one of my friend's 21st birthdays, so naturally the night began with drinks before we went to get drinks and finally finished the celebration with more drinks (it's safe to say I don't even want to look at a beer for at least a week). Somewhere in the mix of liquor we decided to play a game that entails a round of "Never Have I Ever," the classic activity in which you hold up three fingers and put one down every time a player names something--usually embarrassing--that they have never done but you have. While our version inevitably became way too disgusting way too quickly, the game got me thinking: what are some (less perverted) things that I have never ever done? Here are a few, some of which I'd like to be able to remove from the list and some that I'm perfectly content with having avoided in my 21 years of life.
Never have I ever...
-Eaten a macaron.
-Seen Avatar.
-Been to Hawaii or New York City.
-Lost all my baby teeth (I have one left that's hanging on).
-Finished burning a whole candle...or used a complete tube of lip balm, for that matter.
-Had a gyro or any form of lamb.
-Been given roses.
-Worn acrylic nails. 
-Owned a North Face jacket.
-Seen a shooting star.
-Gotten a speeding ticket (knock on wood).
-Done a cartwheel.
-Ran in a marathon.
-Smoked a cigarette.
-Completed a game of Monopoly.
-Been a fan of the song "Call Me Maybe."
-Cried during The Notebook.
-Held a worm.
-Put gravy on my mashed potatoes.
-Ridden on a tandem bicycle.
-Seen Diane Kruger wear an outfit I don't like.
-Jumped in puddles just for fun.
-Had a bad piece of Chicago pizza. (Other regions of the U.S.? Different story.)
-Gone surfing or waterskiing.
-Dissected a frog.
-Watched an episode of "Jersey Shore." 
-Worn contact lenses.
-Thrown a surprise party or had one thrown for me.
-Gotten a suntan without an accompanying burn.
-Discovered the perfect color of lipstick.

What are some things you've never ever done?

xo Heidi 

1 comment:

  1. I've decided to tell you what I've never done from your list and make fun commentary

    Eaten a macaron- not even sure what they taste like?

    Seen Avatar- They copied off the blue man group, overrated

    Been given roses- Nor have I, my friend

    Worn acrylic nails- those are disgusting, yucky

    Owned a North Face jacket- totes agree, too mainstream.

    Smoked a cigarette- you probably don't want to do that anyway

    Been a fan of the song "Call Me Maybe."-BUT IT'Z THE BEST SONG LOLZ

    Cried during The Notebook- only babies cry during that, or people with no souls like myself

    Put gravy on my mashed potatoes-looks like poop

    Ridden on a tandem bicycle- me+ you =this summer