Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Poppin' Bottles

At the oh-so mature age of 21, I've decided I'm a bit over warm beer, boxed wine, and taking whatever booze I can get. So freshman year. No, I've now reached a point where I won't stand for a drink just because it contains alcohol; I want it to taste good. Don't get me wrong--I love a good beer or glass of wine. But there's something so classy about mixing your own drink to enjoy, not chug while doing the holding-your-breath-so-you-can't-taste-how-nasty-the-drink-is trick. 
So with the help of Pinterest (surprised?), I've found an abundant amount of cocktails I'd like to try. They look pretty, creative, and best of all, yummy. And since a couple of my friends have their 21st birthdays coming up, I'm excited to contribute more to their parties than a difficultly foraged bottle of cheap vodka. Alright, well the vodka may still be cheap (I am a student, after all), but it'll be mixed in a seemingly sophisticated way. Except for the fishbowl, which just screams "college." There's nothing sophisticated about that big bucket of drank.

xo Heidi
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