Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Summer List

[My own Summer Goal #21: Invest in a retro high-waisted bikini a la Grace Kelly.]

On a bus ride from Madison to Chicago last weekend, one of my best friends Brian and I passed some of the time by putting together a list of things we want to do this summer. For the first time, we'll both be living in Madison during summer break (and in the same building!) along with some of our other friends. So to put it lightly, we're pretty pumped for the coming months. This summer also marks my first one being 21 as well as the last one before graduation for most of my friends. In other words, it might be my final chance to, with all my friends around, spend the hot days laying out at the Union and cooler evenings wandering State Street. Bittersweetness aside, here are several items from our list we can't skip out on:

1. Get drinks at both student Unions (and probably on a regular basis)
2. Go to Madison's zoo (it has red pandas!)
3. Take a road trip to Tennessee (our friend Jess lives there now, and we're looking forward to seeing her, whitewater rafting, and hitting up Southern bars)
4. Have a barbecue
5. Traverse to Picnic Point (maybe for a picnic?)
6. Expose our friend Amanda to a "Parks and Recreation" marathon 
7. Have a bar crawl in our suburban hometown
8. Go to Chicago for Sox games, the Taste, and--what else?--bar-hopping
9. Karaoke at Karaoke Kid bar
10. Crash a wedding
11. Force our friend Steph to visit Madison (she's a busy gal, so we're determined to make this happen!)
12. Go to Six Flags
13. Visit the farmer's market
14. Partake in some late-night Culver's runs
15. Have a classy party (by classy, we mean not wearing t-shirts)
16. Get Babcock ice cream
17. Take a second road trip to somewhere in the West (we're still working out the details of this one)
18. Tie-dye shirts
19. Check out Summerfest
20. Go horseback riding 

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