Thursday, April 12, 2012

Foot Pop

This summer, I'm all about buying a few key pieces that I can switch up for different occasions. While loose tees and statement jeans can be easily thrown together (for both day and night outfits), I can't go barefoot all summer--even Chicago's beaches are a little iffy to take on without the reinforcement of sandals. So what's a girl to put on her feet amidst a season of bright patterns and pastel sheers, grungy jean shorts and tailored pencil skirts, tie-dyed scarves and straw clutches? 
Tada! I present to you the answer. Not only are Sam Edelman's Yelena heels versatile (notice the neutral color), but they're sturdy (block heel), flattering (the nude hue lengthens legs), and just a tad bit edgy (shiny silver straps). So whether you're running to S-buck's in a sundress to meet friends, getting drinks in the city in that only-comes-out-at-night bandage skirt, or going to a Mother's Day brunch with the fam, these heels will give you a boost. 
And the best part of all is the endless toe accessorizing options. I'm talking pedicures, people. Any polish color will do, though I'm digging the neon ones to offset the metallic and nude shoe. But amongst my faves below, I've included an admittedly pretty light pink for all you cowards out there. Baby steps.

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xo Heidi
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