Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bits & Pieces

[Beer on the balcony & a serene view of Madison]

In these last weeks leading up to the end of the semester, I have a lot to do. A lot. And most of it has to be accomplished this week. Reading Brit lit, writing final papers, dining at rooftop restaurants for a MODA piece I'm working on...my atrocious To Do List spans a few pages (okay, that last item isn't too bad). But even though the week has just begun and I'm already itching for Friday to arrive, I'm content; I'm learning to appreciate life's day-to-day little things. Whether it's via my new bright red nail polish, the discovery of a recipe for pina colada cake, or the way putting on my trench coat instantly makes me feel classy, I've begun to realize that rushing through my weeks just to get to the weekend (which sometimes is mediocre at best, anyway) is no way to live. That said, here are a few things that have been cheering me up during the daily grind.

[Typical lunch as of late: chicken burrito & Diet Coke]

[Testing out an array of signatures during a dull lecture]

[An educational and aesthetically pleasing Easter basket gift]

[Pulled pork sandwich & mouthwateringly crispy fries at Brickhouse BBQ]

[Sherbet colored clothes]

[Dark Chocolate M&M's (my fave) left over from M&M's World Las Vegas]

[New calling cards by Harper Gray]

xo Heidi
[PRESS PLAY: "Love Lost" by The Temper Trap. Available on iTunes.] 

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