Tuesday, July 31, 2012

South Pull

[Post-dinner stroll in a tiny downtown]

This past weekend I got to road-trip down to Tennessee to visit one of my best friends, and needless to say, good times ensued. When we--myself, my Tennessee bud, and the 3 other friends I traveled with--weren't goofing off as we typically do, we were dancing in country-music-filled dive bars, bobbing in one of the state's many pristine lakes, and lounging around while taking in the Olympic games. As if all that weren't enough to make me want to return next summer, a southern chain restaurant called Zaxby's served us up some birthday cake shakes that I still just can't get off my mind. Until next year, my $10 Target cowboy hat.

[My friend's adorable (albeit rambunctious) puppy Brady]

[On the road in Tennessee]

[My friend driving...and wearing a Snuggie]

[Tubing on the lake]

[The Smoky Mountains & green grass]

[Hoarding apple cinnamon jelly from a restaurant--I've never seen it up north!]

[Hat love on the dashboard]

xo Heidi

Friday, July 20, 2012

ParLUSH-vous Francais?

[Chloe's always drinking, but, hey, at least she does it with a classy glass.]

A few months ago, I became a fan of ABC's "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23." I enjoy the show for many reasons (one of which is James Van Der Beek's goofy turn as himself), but most of all because of main character Chloe's sharp tongue, shocking opinions, and (contrastingly) chic style. And because of that dang awesome Eiffel Tower wine glass she's always sipping out of. Lord knows what's in the cup--it's probably vodka considering her affinity for the liquor--but that glass is so ubiquitous on the show that it should be listed in the credits. So obviously you can imagine how elated I was to stumble across the identical model on zgallerie.com. Now, for $40 for a set of four (or ten bucks a pop for you math underachievers), I too can swear often, prance around naked, and get hammered in the daytime. Because this Parisian-cool goblet's elegance will make all of that okay. Right?

xo Heidi 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pout About It

[Gettin' lippy: Models at (clockwise from top left) Gucci, Bottega Veneta, YSL, and Rochas boasted major attitude without saying a word.]

My favorite beauty trend for the fall: giving some serious lip. The girls at several fashion powerhouses exhibited their trendsetting potentials with darkly bold lips in shades ranging from black cherry (Rochas) to bordeaux (YSL) to borderline black (Bottega Veneta). And it doesn't matter how comfortable you are experimenting with your look--the lip's intensity can run from subtle to severe depending on how many layers of product you apply and the kind of product you use (a gloss, a balm, a stain, or a lipstick). 
So come September, trade in your basic, fancy-night-red tube of lipstick for something a bit inkier, a little more femme fatale edgy. Just start your primping by creating a simple canvas--forego blush and eyeliner and stick to a simple swipe of mascara and some highlighter in the corners of your eyes. Choose your shade of dangerous red-black, remember to blot (read: you don't want lipstick on your teeth), and don't be surprised if people stand up a little straighter when you walk by. Eyes will be drawn to your lips, after all, a pretty sexy spot if you ask me.


xo Heidi 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What Lies Beneath

You know how wearing a great pair of underwear can make you feel about 10 times better/hotter/more like one of those loose girls on a television drama (they always take off their clothing unannounced yet seem to be prepared in clean, matching lingerie)? Well, if you're shaking your head to yourself right now, I feel pretty awkward, almost as awkward as I did while putting together this collage of undies in the library. I focus best in there, okay? 
Anyway, regardless of whether or not you've experienced the power of exceptional undergarments, I'm going to share with you my love of Aerie's Vintage Lace Tanga. These babies fit true to size and oh-so comfortably, and I love how soft and thin their lace is. And as a girl who just can't get into thongs--well, I can get into them, but I cannot stay in them for more than a couple hours--the tanga shape, having more coverage than a bikini but less granny-pantyish coverage than a boyshort or, well, granny panties, is perfect. The dozens of colors they come in is merely the cherry on top of their nylon and spandex cake. Oh yeah, and they're typically 5 for $25, a deal in itself, but right now they're only $3.99 a piece. So go buy like 60. Alright, maybe not that many. I mean, you probably don't have to do an impromptu strip-down anytime soon as you aren't a cast member of "Revenge" or "Gossip Girl."

xo Heidi 

P.S. How uncomfortable did you feel opening this page only to find scroll upon scroll of underwear? I'm starting to regret that library session. 

Maxwell Street Days

[Remember this beaut?]

ATTENTION, all shoppers, cheapos, and people who get strange highs off of scoring things on sale (better than hard drugs, I suppose)! If you are going to be in the Madison area this weekend or if you're just looking for something to do to (and willing to take a roadtrip in the name of fashion), I highly recommend checking out State Street's Maxwell Street Days. Urban Outfitters is only one of the many stores on the capital's prominent street that is featuring unbelievable deals. An example of what kind of deals? I just snatched up the above dress for a cool $20. And it used to be $129. Oh yeah, and I managed to get a blouse, sweater, and 2 tees, each for only five bucks. Needless to say, you won't see Urban knock their prices down so low anywhere else. 
So come experience the City of Beer and Cheese this weekend. Then again, if you are one of those who suffers (or benefits?) from sale-induced intoxication, you may be able to skip out on the beer altogether.
Details here!  

xo Heidi 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Designer Partiality

Kirsten Dunst Loves Rodarte

Even celebs play favorites, at least when it comes to choosing which costly creations to wear. And why shouldn't they? No one does sleek utilitarian better than Givenchy, just as Carolina Herrara's ladylike whimsy stands unparalleled. Here are a few more examples of just how much some stars love their prefered designers--and just how much the very designs love them (Rooney and her fits-like-a-glove white cocktail dress, anyone?).

Rooney Mara Loves Givenchy

Dianna Agron Loves Carolina Herrara

Carey Mulligan Loves Prada

Emma Stone Loves Lanvin

So ladies, what designer would you break the bank for?
While this is obviously the toughest decision I have had and will have to ever make, if I had to narrow my love of all things out of my price range down to five designers, they'd be Valentino, Dior, Elie Saab, Oscar de la Renta, and Marchesa. But let's pray I'll never have to make such a heart-wrenching compromise.
 Left to Right: Oscar de la Renta Fall 2012 RTW, Elie Saab Fall 2012 Haute Couture, Valentino Fall 2012 RTW, Marchesa Fall 2012 RTW, Dior Spring 2012 RTW

Photos via instyle.com and style.com
xo Heidi 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Inspired By...

...Stacy and Linda (Jennifer Jason Leigh and Phoebe Cates) 
in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, circa 1982

What do high-waisted jeans and boxy sweaters and pleated pants all have in common? Oh, just the fact that the mentions of each would have made me cringe a mere two years ago. And the fact that each is on my fall shopping list. But that's the funny thing about fashion; as worn-out as this sounds, it always repeats itself. And that may be why old movies are such rich inspiration for a wardrobe and surprisingly fresh motivators before a shopping trip. 
So go watch Fast Times, witness the classic shenanigans, soak up the style, and buy yourself some "mom" jeans. Strangely, you'll probably look cooler than you have in a while (but don't tell Mom). Besides, I'm not sure about you, but now the thought of super lowrider jeans, the ones I wore in 2005, makes me ill--they'll create a muffin top without fail!--and I'd much prefer a pair with a higher rise. But that's not to say I'll be fornicating in baseball dugouts anytime soon. Come on, Stacy. Clean it up.

Hawaiian Print Shirt, asos.com
Striped Sweater, nastygal.com
Hair Feather, asos.com
Leggings, gap.com
High-waisted Jeans, topshop.com
Pleated Shorts, americanapparel.net

xo Heidi

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Well, we're here, people. Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer. I'm not sure about you, but I don't do hot and sticky, and I definitely don't do perspiration--my ideal room temperature is 65 degrees. So while I'd love to be in the great outdoors, July's mugginess locks me inside, plops me in front of the television, and lulls me into an E!-induced daze. And as I stare out the window at the picture-perfect weather, I can't help but long for the sweater-perfect weather. The apple-pie-perfect weather. The can-see-your-breath-perfect weather. The hot-chocolate-perfect weather. 
Well, unfortunately Mother Nature is determined to make me sweat (literally) for another 2 months. But to help me keep my cool until September, the fall beverage of choice has been treated to a summer-suited makeover, and since it's easier than ever to whip up, I didn't even have to step into my oven/car to go buy the ingredients. Hey, melted concealer with a smudge of running mascara is a hard look for any girl to pull off.

xo Heidi

Monday, July 9, 2012

Ribbon Finish

Lately I've been taking cues from little girls everywhere when it comes to styling my hair. No, I haven't resorted to pinning back my strands with butterfly clips--and I definitely said bye to the infamous crimper when I hit fifth grade. Instead I'm drawn to ribbons, the quintessentially girly trim, to tie off a pony or weave through a braid. But don't fret: the result is more femme and forward than doll-toting toddler thanks to the ribbons' sleek shades of black, gray, and navy. I'll save the lace and powder pink for a baby shower.
xo Heidi