Monday, April 16, 2012


As the days heat up and the pastel-hued buds turn into bright, full-bodied blooms, why not take a cue from a margarita (or a can of Sierra Mist if you're a minor)? That's right, fluorescent shades of light yellow and green are super hot--literally and figuratively--right now. They'll be in stores just as much this summer as Ke$ha was on the radio last summer, as ever-present on magazine pages as Lindsay Lohan is in jail. Completely brazen and just as unapologetic, these colors will help you dive into your summer plans by providing your wardrobe with much-needed pops of interest. They'll also go perfectly with that lime floating in your Corona. But I'm not suggesting anything...

 1. A to-die-for gown from Jason Wu's Spring 2012 collection.// 2. Natural Denim Diagonal Strap Gym Bag, $35, 3. Striated Band Tumbler, $10, 4. Native Union Pop Phone Handset, $35, 5. Aerie Vintage Lace Bustier in Simply Green, $17.70, 6. Neon painted crystal necklace as seen on Pinterest.// 7. Aerie Vintage Lace Tanga in Simply Green, $12.50 (or 5 for $26), 8. Lace Dress with Crossover at the Back, $89.90, 9. Mel Studded Slingback Sandal, $36, 10. NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Celebrate, $24, 11. Aerie Feather Tank in Safety Yellow, $19.50,
xo Heidi
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