About Me

Me in several words to serve as a vague description:
[ twenty-one. girl. english. some french. chicago, il/madison, wi. fashion mags, intricate picture frames, thrift stores, sleeping in, staying out late, how i met your mother, barnes & noble, drawing/painting, diet coke, cannoli, high school girlfriends, cheap movie theaters, summer nights, storms, soft-serve ice cream cones, any kind of ice cream cones, hugs, maps, pizza, urban outfitters, big candles, bigger sunglasses, pancakes & maple syrup, journey, coffee, italian restaurants, immediate & extended fam, moulin rouge, adult innuendo, black tights, mascara & bright lipstick, anything hopelessly romantic, peonies, rachel mcadams, the smell of autumn, outfit mapping, march, scattergories, family guy, snowball fights, airplanes, morning walks, christmas, writing. ]

Thanks for reading A Shoe or Two!  

xo Heidi

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