Monday, May 7, 2012

The Ubiquitous Elton John

[My friend posted this video on my Facebook wall recently, reminding me of our love of singing "Bennie & the Jets" in the car. The story turns in 27 Dresses after James Marsden and Katherine Heigl karaoke the song on a bar.]

As long as I've known what music is, I've known who Elton John is. I remember my mom singing along to his songs when they'd come on the radio during car rides when I was little. On a sadder note, I can even recall seeing his performances of "Candle in the Wind" after Princess Diana's funeral. Fast forward 15 years, and I've developed my own love and appreciation for the icon. Maybe it's because he seems to be everywhere, especially in my favorite shows and movies. But I'm not complaining. Here are as few ways Elton John is entwined into some of the things I love most in life.

One more thing: 2 of my posts (here and here) in the last week have featured Elton-inspired titles. 

The Lowdown: In Moulin Rouge!, Ewan McGregor's Christian woos Nicole Kidman's Satine with his campy yet pitch-perfect version of "Your Song."

The Significance: Moulin Rouge! just happens to be my favorite film. If you are one of those straight-shooters who can't stomach Baz Luhrmann's theatricality, at least buy the soundtrack.

The Lowdown: "Circle of Life" is the theme song of The Lion King. If you have eyes to watch and ears to hear and any room in your heart for a Disney movie, you know this.

The Significance: This is the first movie I saw in a movie theater! I was only 3 at the time, so I'm not sure if I even knew what was going on.

The Lowdown: In "Family Guy," an injury forces Peter to use a wheelchair. This saddens him as he cannot partake in his typical activities like chasing after and berating his daughter Meg. The tone is set with "I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues" playing in the background.

The Significance: I undoubtedly consider "Family Guy" to be one of my favorite shows, and I've seen every episode (at least the ones in seasons 2-8) about three times.

The Lowdown: Jim's unrequited love for Pam is just being established in an early episode of "The Office." At the interoffice awards show, the Dundies, Michael performs his version of "Tiny Dancer" by changing the lyrics to "tiny Dundy." Later, Jim watches Pam leave while Elton John's rendition plays.

The Significance: Not only is "The Office" tied for one of my favorite shows, but hearing "Tiny Dancer" play in the scene is one of the rare moments that this mockumentary-style show features background music. Moreover, Jim and Pam are the cutest fictional couple in existence. And John Krasinski by himself isn't too bad either.

xo Heidi

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