Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Prints Charming

8x10 Elephant Jumbo Print, Paper Ganster Prints on Etsy, $6.95

A few months ago, my friend showed me the Etsy shop Ex Libris Journals, a gesture that sparked an online browsing frenzy that has lasted until, well, now. The shop, like its counterpart Paper Gangster, sells various prints layered over pages of text. It's a simple concept, really: a graphic printed on a ripped-out book page. The pictures can definitely be recreated at home as a DIY project for a rainy day, even though these already made ones are just so adorable, and at about $7 a sheet (with deals like buy 2, get one free), kind of hard to resist. I love how they come in multiple sizes, just asking to be hung all together in pretty frames. But by themselves (even unframed), they pack just as much whimsy. Eccentric, eclectic, and unexpected, I feel they'd be perfect as gifts to friends and family. The problem is, I'm having a hard time narrowing down the impressive bunch to only a few favorites. That, and I actually just want them all for myself.

From top, after the elephant:
Vintage Dressform Print, Ex Libris Journals, $7
Poppy Floral Print, Ex Libris Journals, $9
Have a Margarita Print, Ex Libris Journals, $9
Beatles Song Quote, Ex Libris Journals, $9
Three Gold Crowns, Ex Libris Journals, $7
Chicago Illinois Print, Ex Libris Journals, $9
Birds on a Wire Print, Ex Libris Journals, $9
Alice in Wonderland Print, Paper Gangster, $6.95
Giraffe on a Bike Print, Paper Gangster, $6.95
Postage from France Print, Paper Gangster, $6.95
Butterflies Typewriter Print, Paper Gangster, $6.95

xo Heidi
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