Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Catty Girl

In order to love this dress, it'd probably help to be a cat person, but being a dog person who just loves fashion is sufficient as well. I'm really into anything gamine lately (think style a la Felicity Jones and Alexa Chung), and the boxy cut and quirky print of this Victoria, Victoria Beckham frock deftly satisfies my keenness. I'd pair it with flat loafers and a breezy pony or braid throughout the summer, and come fall, I'd simply add black tights (textured or sheer) and a schoolboy blazer. Really, the only quandary that keeps this dress from being the cat's meow--I truly do crack myself up--is the $1000+ price tag. Solution? Forever 21, of course. Horses, cats...potato, pot-ah-to. You'll quickly forget species specifics when you score the following knock-off dress for a cool $27.50.

Tiny Horse Dress,

xo Heidi

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