Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Novel Companion

[Emma Book Clutch, $325: Any English major or fashion enthusiast's dream]

Every girl appreciates the importance of a clutch; petite and handy (no pun intended), it offers a touch of whatever you're looking for--whether it be quirk, polish, vivacity--without competing for the spotlight. Needless to say, the "power clutch" didn't get its name for nothing. But a clutch that showcases your astuteness? Enter Kate Spade, much like counterpart Olympia Le-Tan, reaching new heights of design ingenue with the creation of the book clutch. Compact, unquestionably cute, and classy as the classic itself, this Emma version has everything you crave in a pocketbook. Except for the text itself, that is, which is kind of a bummer if you find it in your hands at a yawn-inducing event. 

P.S. Remember that all bookishness is lost when you whip out your phone for a time-killing session of Angry Birds.

xo Heidi

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