Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekend Wear

Right now, having just moved from my apartment to stay at home for a couple weeks, I'm taking on the weekend with a room brimming with clothes. Piles cover my floor and chairs, waiting to be sorted through and put in their rightful places. But somehow, I'm just not satisfied with my wardrobe (will I ever be?), and I sense a major closet clean-out lurking around the corner. I'm ready to retire that floral cardigan I haven't worn in 2 years, along with several dresses that haven't seen the light of day since before "Jersey Shore" was a thing. Some pieces I'd like to take the forlorn items' places? I've got many in mind, sixteen of which I've displayed above. If they happen to inexplicably pop onto my hangers in time for this weekend, I won't ask questions. Well, I will ask questions--and lock my doors--but not until I've giddily tried them all on.

Last-Minute Drinks: Shimmering Star Studs, $1.50, Limited Edition Twin Frill Dress, $170, Yellow Bag, $24.95, for store locations// Zigi Soho Lunar Metallic Pump, $59.95,

Farmer's Market: Cherry Glitter Sun Dress, $72, Sandals, $24.95, for store locations// Baggu Elephant Print Bag, $20.87, Dotted Straw Hat, $10.80,

Brunch with Family: Co-ord Garland Floral Blazer, $130, Sliced Shapes Tank, $68, Jegging, $44.50, ASOS VENUS Leather Flatform Sandals, $83.50,

Lazy Sunday: New York City Top, $12.80, Tie-Dye Knot Headwrap, $16, Taha Loungers, $78, Minnetonka Tramper Flat Booties, $56,

xo Heidi

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