Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cinnamon Gelato

When I went home last weekend, I knew before I walked through my front door that I wanted to make gelato while there. You see, right now, 73% of Madison's junior year student body is traversing Europe (alright, it only seems that way), and while across the pond, they spend much of their time posting pictures of their incredibly awesome trips on Facebook. Needless to say, as pretty as Madison can be in the spring, Wisconsin just doesn't hold a candle to Florence or London. And moreover, as decadent as UW's made-on-site ice cream is, it doesn't possess the luxuriousness of a tiny cone of gelato. 
I distinctly remember my first gelato indulgence from when I was in Paris 5 years ago: a scoop of cinnamon from a stand next to the Seine. While I would've preferred to have gone back to that very spot over the weekend, my kitchen sufficed, as I recreated the scrumptious grandeur with this recipe. Waiting for all of the ingredients to reach a certain temperature to form a custard was tedious, and I thought the whole thing might be a bust, but when I pulled out the arm of the ice cream maker to check my work, I knew I'd struck gold. This doesn't change my insatiable yearning to return to Europe soon, though--I mean, I had to look at my salivating puppy as I ate instead of, say, the Eiffel Tower.

xo Heidi 
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