Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Two-Piece Dress

Would you wear a two-piece dress like Miley Cyrus?

Today, when I came across this picture of Miley Cyrus (in Pucci) and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth at a premiere, I went through a small series of reactions. My first was, "Wow, Hannah Montana no more!" Next was the "who let her wear that?!" My third went something like, "Hmm, but I actually kind of like it despite the cleavage explosion." And then came the "but would anyone ever actually wear that in real life?"
So that's the question. Sure, the look is undoubtedly revealing, and the former Disney star would never be able to wear such an ensemble back in her days of leading a double life. But as an adult, I think Miley has every right to wear something a little, er, provocative if she likes. The real problem is whether or not such a bold trend has the ability to transfer over to the "common person's" wardrobe. My opinion? Sure it does. It's tricky to pull off, and obviously confidence is mandatory in order to do so. But not every two piece dress has to be so va-va-voom. A more modest, even long-sleeved, top piece, for example, would instantly make the outfit more G-rated.
Essentially, though, the point is that you shouldn't fear the two-piecer or any seemingly daunting trend, because there are always ways to tweak a look to make it more suited to you. And a phrase that applies to fashion as it does most everything else in life: don't knock it 'til you try it.
Levels of Bareness
[A two-part dress can display merely a slit of midriff like Scarlett Johansson's Dolce & Gabbana number, a few inches of belly but no collarbone like Gwyneth Paltrow's Pucci one, or a generous amount of stomach along with a deep-V neckline like Rooney Mara's Miu Miu get-up.]

Jen the Trendsetter
[Hey, look! Jennifer Aniston did the 90's version of the look over 10 years ago. But back then, the skirt portion of the dress sat low on the hips, a stark contrast to today's high-waist skirts.]

Get the Look
[This outfit can be de-sexified by layering a blazer or sweater over the two-piecer.]
Both from nastygal.com

xo Heidi
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