Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Home Sweet (Someday) Home

[My dream location: in a city but surrounded by plenty of homey touches like flowers, candles, and a patio]
All pictures via Pinterest
If there's one thing Pinterest will make you do, it's plan. It'll urge you to start planning a present for a friend, a holiday treat, a drink to mix, a far-off wedding (!), a weekend outfit, and my recent favorite, a future dream home. I'm not quite sure where all the lovely pictures on Pinterest (and furthermore, Tumblr) even come from, but they clearly show that some people out there are living the good life. While I may never end up in a NYC penthouse or a Parisian apartment, I'll decorate wherever I do live (even if it's a suburban townhouse) to be eclectically rustic with obvious touches of glamour. And thanks to Pinterest, I have several ways to do so:
1. Picture Cluttered Walls

2. Bright Doors

3. A Wall of Books

4. Patterned Armchairs

5. Oversized Wooden Dining Table

6. Crazy Wallpaper

7. Exposed Brick

8. And Lots of Chandeliers!

 xo Heidi

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