Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bits & Pieces

[St. Patty's Day cake ball--recipe here]

With St. Patrick's Day this weekend and my 21st on Monday, I can't wait for this week to just be over. The weather in Madison is unbelievable--in a good way. 75 degrees and sunny is predicted for the next few days, and I'm taking advantage by going for runs outside, digging out my hibernating sundresses, and wearing sunglasses in between classes. But here are a few things I can enjoy even if the weather takes a nasty turn. Let's hope that if it does decide to do so, it waits until Tuesday.

[Revlon yellow eyeshadow; excited to try just a bold sweep along the lashline with mascara.]

[An adorable Home Goods find. Okay, I like weird things.]

[Inexpensive treasures: Forever 21 earrings and a Charming Charlie's necklace]

xo Heidi

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