Thursday, March 8, 2012

Botanical Bottoms

Amid the recent sea of colored denim, I'm glad the fashion world has finally realized that tops shouldn't get to have all the fun. The big-time European-based retailer Zara shed any reservations for their recent line, flinging feminine floral prints not only on their blouses, dresses, and skirts but on a pair of their trousers as well. And I can't get enough.
It's really a simple formula: basic, close-cut cigarette pants with a typical zipper plus a fresh and eye-popping flower pattern. But the combination somehow strikes gold. Maybe it's the color scheme: greens, grays, lavenders, and even pinks. Maybe it's the real, almost photo-like quality of the flowers. Maybe it's the contrasting black band that tops off the trousers. 
Or maybe, and this is the reason I'm banking on, it's the way you can pair the pants with anything. And I mean anything. Well, almost. Basic t-shirt? Do it. Unmatched floral blouse? Go for it. Unmatched patterned top (but in the same color scheme as the pants)? Why not? But my favorite way to wear these statement pants is exactly what Zara has already done in the picture: collaborating them with a completely matching shirt. Ultra-modern and undeniably polished, donning the loud print on both top and bottom creates a pseudo-jumpsuit effect, very working-girl-meets-flower-child. 
To finish the outfit, a pair of pointy toe pumps cuts the softness without losing femininity, and minimal jewelry is vital for obvious reasons. And voila! You're a walking piece of artwork, the picture of ladylike--but crossing your legs isn't required. Cause, let's be honest, sometimes sitting back with your knees far apart is so much more comfortable.

xo Heidi
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