Monday, March 19, 2012

21 Things

[Even back then, I knew what I was doing. See #8.]

Today I turned 21. It's still a little surreal, but nonetheless, I feel really, really old. Now I know I'm not old, but every year when my birthday approaches, I get a little nostalgic. And looking back on my life makes me feel ancient. Playing in my backyard as a kid seems like a lifetime ago, as does dressing my American Girl dolls and taking the bus to school. Fully aware that those parts of my life truly took place a mere 10-15 years ago, I think I'm having a pretty good life so far. So to toot my own horn and celebrate my birthday (sorry for the egocentricity), I've compiled a list of 21 things about me you maybe didn't know. Here's to the next 21 years!
1. I've been afraid of owls ever since I can remember. And although I no longer cry while walking through the bird exhibit at the zoo, I still blame the movie The Secret of NIMH.
2. I'm recently obsessed with old editions of books. I've discovered a few Etsy shops that sell lovely copies of Shakespeare anthologies and Jane Austen classics, some dating back to the 19th century and all reasonably priced.
3. But it used to be Barbies I was obsessed with. Whether I was playing with my friend or my sister, we created in-depth lives for the dolls (and usually ones that involved inappropriate plot lines).
4. One of my favorite shows is "Criminal Minds." It was because of this show that I actually considered majoring in psychology and pursuing a profession in criminal justice.
5. Some of my other favorite shows include "The Office," "Family Guy," "How I Met Your Mother," "CSI," and "Friends." Notice how they all either fit the category of comedy or crime drama.
6. When I was about 15, my family and I were featured on an HGTV show due to a cool river-like sink in our basement. Problem is, the DVD that displays this doesn't work.
7. My high school girlfriends (who still happen to be my best friends) and I go on scavenger hunts for fun. We probably do it because of the lack of activities in which to partake back home in my Chicago suburb, but the hunts always involve speeding in cars (oops) and lots of competition.
8. Saying I love food is an understatement. I hold my mom and the years of her cooking dinner nightly responsible. Pizza, pasta, ice cream, and cake are my favorites. But sushi is working its way up the list. 
9. I collect InStyle magazines. So far, I have every issue since July 2009.
10. Getting a dog two years ago has turned me into a major dog person. Or maybe it's only my dog, Graeme, that I'm crazy for. Either way, he's the cutest one out there. I have about 100 pictures of him on my phone to prove it.
11. My friend Amanda and I can sing every word to every song in the movie (one of my favorites) Moulin Rouge. Years of practice, my friends.
12. Germany is quite possibly my favorite place. It's beautiful, they sell tons of Haribo candy, and they don't skimp on the food there the way they do in Paris. I do love Chicago, though, and I'd be happy to live in the city.
13. In second grade, my friend (Amanda again, we do a lot of silly things) and I trapped ourselves in my emptied out dress-up trunk. When my brother had trouble getting us out, we swore we were gonna die. My mom saved the day, thank goodness.
14. The word "spore" grosses me out. Big-time. I can't say why, but spores themselves seem to be pretty disgusting as well. Never say "panty" in my presence either.
15. I'm quite the procrastinator. In fact, every paper I've written this semester has been done the night before it was due. I always say I'm gonna change my ways, but what can I say? Once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator.
16. I make lots of lists. They're everywhere, but they rarely get finished.
17. I really hate politics. The corruption, the debating, the scuzzy Illinois governors... it all makes me uneasy.
18. Starbucks's Iced Passion Tea (unsweetened with 3 Splendas) is my favorite beverage out there. I'd like to thank my friend Jess for turning me on to it.
19. Christmas is the greatest holiday/time of year. In fact, my family celebrates it the first weekend of December (Arenberg Family Christmas), and it's a huge event. 
20. I've been drinking coffee since I was about 8.
21. If I could spend the rest of my life traveling the globe and eating in excess, I'd die a happy woman.

xo Heidi 

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  1. I'm glad I appear many times in this post. haha Thank goodness your mom saved us from that trunk...