Monday, March 26, 2012

Split Purse-onalities


1. Marshmallow Puff Clutch, $29.97, 2. Clarkeye Readers, $14, 3. Tazo Decaf Chai Tea, available at grocery stores// 4. L'Oreal Paris Nail Color in Butterfly Kisses, $5.99, available at drugstores// 5. Anthropologie Bow Hair Tie (old)// 6. Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Nail Color in Blue-Away, $4.99, available at drugstores// 7. Candy: Fun Dip and a leftover Christmas candycane.// 8. Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick in Orange Flip, $6.99, available at drugstores// 9. 6-Pack Fruit Earrings, $4.95, for H&M store locations

Marc Jacobs said it best in this month's InStyle: "Why should you have a look you stick to? Fashion should be bold colors and bright prints one day, and soft pastels and lace the next day. Really--indulge your mood and whims." And I couldn't agree more. While I often feel like throwing on my Sperrys, a t-shirt, and jean shorts, I just as often get a hankering to don my leather skirt or lace-up combat boots. I avoid limiting myself to one style. My signature look? However I'm feeling that day. 

1. Charming Charlie Metallic Multicolor Clutch (no longer available))// 2. Urban Outfitters Sunglasses (no longer available)// 3. Target Ring (old)//4. Revlon Color Stay Eyeshadow in Sultry Smoke, available at drugstores// 5. Essie Nail Color in Licorice, $4, 6. White Zinny Wine (B-day present from parents)// 7. Revlon Nail Color in Ruby Ribbon, available at drugstores// 8. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella, $24, 9. Forever 21 Earrings (old)

xo Heidi
P.S. I don't actually carry wine around with me in my purse. It's just such a cute little bottle that I had to feature it somewhere. I swear!

[PRESS PLAY: "Hang Me Up to Dry" by Cold War Kids. Available on iTunes.] 

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