Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Everybody Loves Rachel Green

[It's actually easy to put together a look like Rachel's. Perfect hair not included.]

Sure, by today's standards her pants are a couple inches too high off the ground, her t-shirts are a tad too tight, and her purses run too tiny, but at the same time, Rachel Green's style has never really gone out of, well, style.

After a brief Friends marathon this past week, I was captivated once again by the late 90's/early 2000's fashion that's so naturally a part of the former hit show. And since I prefer the later episodes to the first few seasons, I was spared the mid-90's grunge phase of overalls and flannel, "The Rachel" haircut, and unflatteringly dark lipstick. So to the cargo pant, flare jeans, fitted t-shirt (and enviable Jennifer Aniston blowout) era it was.

While I adore both Phoebe's and Monica's outfits for their utter uniqueness and charming outdatedness as well, it's Rachel's ensembles that elicit recreating. As an employee of Ralph Lauren, she is the "fashionable one," after all. Whether it's one of her comfy jeans and t-shirt combos with her signature pinned back bangs, or a flawlessly fitting black dress with unique details, or a peasant-y blouse paired with wavy golden locks, I constantly find myself trying to copy this fictional (but oh-so lovable) character's wardrobe choices. Maybe it's just my love of Jennifer Aniston speaking here, but show me a person who doesn't miss Rachel Green, and I'll show you a liar.

10 years after the show's end, I'm still finding pieces that remind me of Ross's better half...

1. Lily Drape Front Blouse, $76, 2. Chinese Laundry Sweetheart Boot, $59.95, 3. Women's Denim Jacket, $34.94, 4. Printed Linen T-Shirt, $25.90, 5. Ecote Backyard BBQ Sweater, $39, 6. Floral Graphic Top, $13.80, 7. Melie Bianco Edna Orange Woven Clutch, $64, 8. Silver Strappy Maxi Dress, $76, 9. ASOS Wide Leg Trousers with Tab Side, $50.13, 10. Sexy Tee Midi Dress, $59.50, 11. Combined Sandal, $49.90,

xo Heidi
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