Monday, February 6, 2012

Silly Love Songs

[This bottle contains "Yellow" by Coldplay, 
but you can pick any song you so desire.]

Etsy has quickly become my latest source for procrastination (see here and here and here), and this time around, the site tugged right on my heartstrings. 
Sometimes I like to pretend that songs are about me. Please don't pretend you don't do this too. As a hopeless romantic, I become way too attached to (and in turn possessive of) any even slightly sentimental song. Anything that would be sung in Moulin Rouge, for example, was probably inspired by my captivating self. Okay, maybe not "El Tango de Roxanne," which is about a prostitute. 
But when I wasn't imagining Ewan McGregor singing to me, I made a beguiling find. My psychosis will no longer manifest itself through uncomfortable public declarations--"this is MY song," or "no, I heard it first, so I like it more." The reason? This Love Song in a Bottle Necklace by Bella de Jour. Now I can pick any song that drives me crazy--almost literally--and have it printed on a tiny scroll to wear around my neck. So the next time I hear "Amazed" (not shameful), instead of rushing to the iHome and verbally claiming the lyrics, I can just clasp the rustic little bottle and know that "every little thing that [I] do" does indeed amaze the lead singer of Lonestar.

[Read it and weep: each necklace is only $20. And to clarify, I mean read the price and weep tears of joy. Don't read the song lyrics and cry. Not that I'm making any promises.]

xo Heidi

[PRESS PLAY: "Amazed" by Lonestar. Obviously. Available on iTunes.] 

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