Sunday, February 12, 2012

Screamin' Eagles

[These birds of prey are on the loose, yet there's no need to fret. 
You can join in on this trend for as little as $4.]

If much of your wardrobe hails from American Eagle Outfitters like mine, the eagle is no stranger to the realms of your closet racks and dresser drawers. But after noticing a spike in the fashion world's eagle population, those little AE logos might as well be sparrows. I caught on to the trend shortly after fawning over Emma Stone's Golden Globes gown. The Lanvin number featured a striking, deco-reminiscent eagle (front & center, wings spread) on its belt. Naturally, due to all of the online browsing I do, I stumbled upon several t-shirts starring the same ancient-looking (remember where art deco pulled its inspiration from?) creature a few days later. And the rest is history. Whether it takes on a patriotic and regal form or one more suggestive of Ancient Egypt, I'm a fan of the bird. Sidebar: Owls, on the other hand, are a different story. That's a tale for some other time. 
 1. Upcycled Bird Statue, $24,
 2. Laguna iPad Case, $48,
 3. ASOS Bird Across Body Bag, $35.81,
 4. Bald Eagle Necklace, $3.80,
 5. Emma Stone rocking her two-toned, plum column and eagle-pendant-adorned belt at the Globes.
 6. Studded Eagle Sweatshirt, $100,
 7. A close-up of the badass birdie.

xo Heidi
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