Monday, February 6, 2012

Sweet Like Candy

While chomping on a candy necklace yesterday (just a kid at heart, really), I realized another reason I love February so much--the sudden vividness. For some reason, it's been decided that this is the month everyone can start wearing colors other than black and gray again. Orange is apparently allowed to creep back into our wardrobes come the end of January. It's a strange annual occurrence, but I'm not complaining. Mints, violets, corals, limes, turquoises, and powder pinks--pastels are now splattered through stores from floor to ceiling, and they're just one more reason to smile as we near the end of winter.
1. Vintage Translucent Pastel Yellow Sports Raincoat, $25.00// 2. Fiorelli Havana Satchel, $87.73// 3. Tiers & Tulle Party Dress, $52// 4. Scooter Sporty Platform Sandal, $156// 5. Rubber Wrap Watch, $29.00// 6. Aerie Skinny Twill Pant, $49.50// 7. Tatty Chiffon Flower, $14//  8. Aerie Vintage Lace Bustier, $17.70

xo Heidi
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