Friday, February 3, 2012

Fringe Benefits

They're the newer, bolder spin on the streamer, but
tassels aren't limited to the realm of party decor.
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Ever since laying eyes on the garland that a fellow blogger (Cupcakes and Cashmere) so creatively displays in her office, I've been transformed--I never thought a party trimming could be so chicly whimsical.  Composed of tassels in ranging shades and sheen, the adornment is an unconventional way to add interest to any barren room. And as exhibited by the following pictures, placement options are endless. So when I discovered EVERYLANE Papergoods & Vintagewares on Etsy, I knew I'd landed on a gold mine of room-enhancing opportunities.

[As these Pin-spirations show, tassels can be temporary or long-standing, indoors or outdoors.]

[The original inspiration: Emily's office embellishment coaxed me with its understated sparkle.]

[With a large selection of colors to choose from, EVERYLANE's tassel garlands fit any space or occasion.]

xo Heidi

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