Friday, February 17, 2012

Deeper Cuts

[Gel pasties, a little tape, and a lot of confidence is all you need to rock the deep v-neck.]

The fashion industry seems to always be coming up with new ways to show bits of skin in their designs. The latest way to be revealing (as seen at J.Mendel this past week): the deep v-cut neckline. While it's nothing we haven't seen before (does JLo's 2000 Grammy's dress ring a bell?), the extreme v-neck is now unexpectedly elegant when done right. However, hitting only a few inches above the belly button, the trend can understandably be tricky to pull off. They key in avoiding looking too scandalous is balancing the open chest with long skirts, sleeves, or a pair of tights. And preparation is important too--without stylist tape, you're only one slouch away from indecent exposure. 
Overall, though, it's essential to feel good in what you're wearing. The plunging neckline acts as a perfect example of a trend to pass on if it's just not you. But if you're feeling a little daring and aren't afraid of showing a little sternum (not the sexiest name for such hot place to leave uncovered), consider taking the plunge.

[At $36.90 and $39.90, respectively, these Akira minis are affordable and on-trend. I'd wear tights under or a maxi skirt over either for extra coverage.]
both available at

[Gel petals and stylist tape are super handy and crucial to this malfunction-prone look. Victoria's Secret is the go-to place for lingerie adhesives. And isn't that altoid-like box of tape just the sweetest thing?]
both available at

[Like the trend but feeling apprehensive about showing so much skin? A dress with the same plunge but an added sheer panel lends extra security, as do long, layered necklaces.]
& Layered Neon Necklace, $4.80,

Celebs Who Took the Plunge

Sienna Miller, Charlize Theron, Julie Bowen, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Rachel McAdams
[I very much prefer their looks to Jennifer Lopez's. Sorry, JLo, but when you're showing belly button, you're showing too much.]

xo Heidi
[PRESS PLAY: "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz. Available on iTunes.] 

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