Wednesday, February 8, 2012

America's Sweetheart is Canadian

[Glamour's February issue confirmed what I'd known for years: 
Rachel McAdams is the ideal woman.]

I can still remember the first time I saw The Notebook. Most girls probably can. But it isn't the passionate romance depicted in the film that has me distinctly recalling that night in 2004. Truth is, the reason I instantly became obsessed with the classic tearjerker is the girl. Not Ryan Gosling?! Contain your shocked reactions. Nope, it was her. She was and still is the object of my first girl crush--the one and only Rachel McAdams.
Now before this post begins to sound like a steamy love story itself, I should shed some light on the phenomenon of the girl crush. A girl crush is essentially hyper-admiration for another gal for whatever reason. You probably wanna be her new best friend, share her clothes, gossip  and have a pillow fight with her. Alright, a pillow fight may be crossing the line. But overall, a girl crush is nothing more than wanting to do cliched best friend things with another girl (who is typically a celebrity)...and maybe sometimes announcing that'd she'd be the one you'd choose if you had to marry another woman.
So voila: the sweet, talented, versatile, environmentally conscious, humble, and oh yeah, gorgeous Rachel McAdams. My kind of lady.

Through the Years: My Favorite Rachel Looks

xo Heidi

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