Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day for Suckers

[While this (a scene from Love Actually) would be a great way to spend V-Day, 
not everyone has the pleasure of living a romantic comedy version of a life.]

Ah, it's here again. The day of love and all things couple-y. But I'm not crying and neither should you. I plan to take advantage of Valentine's Day; it's my excuse to watch chick flicks and eat (a lot). Are you with me?!
 My Picks...

Love Actually actually a perfect Valentine's Day movie, even though it's typically marketed as a Christmas flick. Come to think of it, it's a perfect "any day" movie.

What's Your Number?
...surprised me with its romantic charm. I had it pegged for more of a stupid/funny comedy, but my roommates and I can attest to the fact that it's got a lot of heart--we watched it about 3.5 times this weekend.

(500) Days of Summer
...has a specific reason for viewing on the 14th. It's so real and raw, but--SPOILER ALERT--the ending is truly happy and promises that life goes on after heartbreak. So quit your moping, fellow singletons!


Shrimp-Stuffed Shells
...are hearty enough to fill the empty stomach of a dateless (and thus dinnerless) girl on a Tuesday night, but they also happen to be from Cooking Light magazine. No worries, diet skeptics: tried and true, my friends and family will tell you not to pass on this recipe
P.S. Use a spicy sauce for extra flavor. 

Pink Peanut Butter Hugs
...are the ultimate combination of festive and easy. You still get the pink and sparkly without wasting your time baking a complicated confection for your nonexistent significant other. A definite plus to being single: no sharing. Recipe here.

Pajamas (duh) these Cotton Mayfair ones from Victoria's secret are cozy without sacrificing the cute. I already have a version from a few seasons ago that I will be wearing, but this butterfly print set is utterly adorable and just screams spring. At $39.50, I guess a second pair isn't that unreasonable...


...indulge in some nail art?
One of my favorite things about the rise of Pinterest? All of the awesome nail ideas. Pull out your polish collection and log into Pinterest while watching your movie. 
Here are my favorites:

Night Sky

Scrabble Letters

Jewelry Inspired

xo Heidi

[PRESS PLAY: "The World Should Revolve Around Me" by Little Jackie. Available on iTunes.] 

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