Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kitsch Me

[ Who needs to see your real eyes when you've got a big, wacky pair staring out from your tee? ]
ASOS T-Shirt With Flutter Plastisol Eyes, asos.com

I wasn't the girl who wore sweatpants to class. No, I was the girl who meticulously mapped out her outfits the night before wearing them. The girl who could easily spend a couple hours an evening experimenting with different clothing combinations until she found one that felt juuuust right. And maybe it was due to these nightly preparing rituals that I was consistently so confident in what I wore.
However, what have always intimidated, disheartened, even frightened me about fashion are The Rules. You know, those ever-changing Rules that proclaim, all ye who weareth white after Labor Day shall be burned at the stake. But wait, now it's okay to wear all white in October, just don't match your purse to your heels. Never mind, that ladylike shoe/bag harmony is cool again. But HOW DARE you ruin the fluidity of a delicate, minimalist dress with clunky platforms. Psh, you fool. Are you from the Midwest or something?
While I certainly hope to avoid looking like a complete disaster after getting dressed in the morning (and why yes, thank you, I am a proud Illinois resident and Wisconsin Badgers fan), I absolutely despise The Rules and think they're complete crap, for lack of a better word. Life's too short to wear something that doesn't make you giddy with the knowledge that the materials encapsulating your body are essentially saying, hey, this is me.
So, in honor of my emancipatory spiel and rejection of The Rules from this day forth, I've rounded up some of my favorite garish pieces. They're silly, tacky, and can look plain stupid. But when you're having an off day and feeling beat down by life's real rules, sometimes stupid is exactly what you need.

[ Feeling trapped by worldly pressures? Get the space you need by displaying an enchanting landscape across your, er, nether regions. ]
Motel Rocks Becka Skirt, shopakira.com

[ Soften up your stuffy duds (and a predictably lame day) with a cute beaded sidekick/coin purse. Come on, how can you not adore this little guy? ]
Cooperative Panda Coin Purse, urbanoutfitters.com

[ Really a decidedly pretty shoe, this'll surely perk up a sober ensemble that's just begging for a little "strange." ]
Ecote Split Wedge in "Watercolor," urbanoutfitters.com

[ Because somedays, channeling Dorothy is just what the doctor ordered. And by declaring the matching pants optional, this cute sun-top can take a sexy turn paired with a high-waisted skirt or shorts. ]
ASOS Bra Top With Gingham Print in "Blue Print," asos.com

[ When your jam "California Gurls" ends and you still need your Katy Perry fix, it'll be a piece of cake to sneak this sweet earring set into your outfit. Or should I say piece of cherry pie? ]
Sparkling Cherry Post Earring, urbanoutfitters.com

xo Heidi

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