Friday, January 13, 2012

Isle of Enchantment

[ Though it stands out from the other warm weather vacation spots I've visited, Key West still succeeds in offering alluring scenery and beaches. ]
Last week during my family vacation I was fortunate enough to visit the beautifully bewitching Key West. I had never been there before, and quite honestly, the way I fell in love with the island took me by surprise. I'm not a huge fan of tropical vacationer-jammed getaways, probably due to my claustrophobic tendencies, utter impatience for crowds, and general dislike for the same old tourist traps. Key West is different, though. It obviously stands as a common vacay destination, but amongst the typical t-shirt shops lie surprises of all sorts. From roosters and scrumptious eats to a rich history and picturesque shop-lined streets, the "little things" truly make Key West an eclectic gem of an island.  

[ During inhalation, I somehow managed to take a picture of the final few bites of my first-ever (and surely not last) piece of luscious coconut cream pie. ]

[ The unique lamps peacefully dangling from trees of the spectacular hole-in-the-wall restaurant at which we dined set an Urban Outfitters-meets-backyard atmosphere. ]

[ One of the more mystifying features of the island, roosters randomly wandered every side road and patch of grass. The birds, along with the famed Ernest Hemingway's hideaway, added an All-American, down-home vibe that islands don't normally provide. ]

xo Heidi

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