Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If $ Grew on Trees...

...these fluorescent Christopher Kane pouches would be mine to clutch.

A little smaller than a piece of printer paper yet retailing for $530, one of these leather babies obviously packs a lot of value into every square inch. But if I had the cash, I'd say to hell with financial practicality--why not?! With summery hues that normally belong to popsicles and meticulous laser-cut detailing that achieves an ultra-femme lacy pattern, these clutches are both carefree and done-up. And they'd provide a happy-go-lucky, counting-down-to-summer air to the wintery, head-to-toe blacks and grays I'm unfortunately prone to wearing. But I've got textbooks to buy, and therefore, choices to make. What's a college kid to do?

xo Heidi 

[PRESS PLAY: "The General Specific" by Band of Horses. Available on iTunes.]

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