Thursday, January 12, 2012

Obsessing Over...

...Diane Kruger's flouncy, sheer confection

At first look, it's seemingly another black gown ready to be brushed off as expected and common. It's a good thing this dress stimulates a double-take, because it isn't until the second glance that you realize how intricately exceptional it is. I should've been smarter during my initial perception of the Emilio Pucci design, because I almost failed to note the contradictions it makes; it is Diane Kruger after all, a woman who doesn't dare don a run-of-the-mill ensemble (in fact, this post should really be called "Obsessing Over Diane Kruger"). Something about the complexity of the sheerness and the lace and the quasi sweetheart neckline paired with the solidity of the halter neck and upper part of the skirt make this dress one to remember. But maybe it isn't only this juxtaposition of bold with diaphanous that deems the frock a winner. Maybe it's also the way Diane always looks so unfazed by the fact that she's wearing the coolest outfit in the room--and at that moment, the coolest outfit ever.

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