Thursday, June 28, 2012

Collar ID: The Sequel

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While I almost cringe as I admit this, I'm already wishing for fall (just a little bit). Before all you hot weather lovers scoff and roll your eyes, know that it isn't exactly the end of sunshine and its accompanying laid-back atmosphere that I look forward to--actually I'm really going to miss the whole t-shirt and shorts get-up I rely on daily--but the innovative fall fashion. And the trend I'm most excited for this season is the reemergence of collars. I loved them in December, and I love them now. 
The quaint flaps are essentially details, but undoubtedly mighty ones. Especially now, these mere trimmings have the power to transform a bland outfit into an unparalleled one. They can render an ethereal one more structured and a casual one more polished. But I'm most of all impressed by the scholarly, almost collegiate, air they possess. Because when you make as many stupid jokes and silly comments as I do, you require at least a hint of visual class to pull you from lowbrow to highbrow.

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xo Heidi

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