Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bits & Pieces

[Macchiato & cappuccino]

While days spent lounging at home in Illinois with my family and dog are undeniably cherished, there are few better feelings than the one that comes with exploring independently. I plan to pass time this summer by trying cuisine from local Madison restaurants, hiking everywhere from the city's upscale Capitol area to its more naturally gorgeous settings, and taking advantage of hot days with plenty of fruit and ice cream. So far, since getting here, I've been able to tackle a pile of magazines I've been putting off reading for the last few months, and I even took the time to bake a cake (even though it collapsed in the oven and ended up being a fail of an endeavor). But aside from a culinary slip-up, I have a good feeling about the next few months, and I hope that everyone else is diving into their summers with as much buoyancy and serenity as I am!

[A little piece of paradise in Madison discovered on a hike]

[A key lime coconut cake indulgence (not the failed confection obviously) -- recipe here]

[A new place to stow shades (remember this little guy?)]

[A healthy sweet treat: fresh strawberries]

[Creamy coconut sorbet...from Costco!]

[The 2 youngest members of my family and recent high school grads]

xo Heidi

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