Friday, June 29, 2012

A Madison Summer

[A sunset over Lake Mendota at Memorial Union Terrace]

Summers in Madison, Wisconsin, are nothing if not serene. While the nightlife remains somewhat bustling, it doesn't nearly compare to that of the school year. With most students back home for the season, the campus slows down, and focus shifts from meetings and parties to the littler things, the details easily overlooked during the rest of the year. The clean urbanity of Capitol Square, the strange social order of the ducks on the lake, and the enticing smell of food trucks outside the bookstore serve as the icing on the cake of Monday night movies on the terrace and weekly trips to happy hour. Although I have no idea where in the world (literally and figuratively) I will be in a couple years, I'm certain that my laid-back summer in Madison will be cherished no matter what continent I'm on--even if I find myself dwelling in a Parisian apartment. Hey, I can dream.

[Night stroll near the Capitol]

[First cosmo ever at Paisan's happy hour]

[A duck drying off on a hot afternoon]

[The (in)famous Union pitcher]

xo Heidi

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