Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Bejeweled Burden

[The sore neck is worth it. A look this bold delivers both mass and magnificence.]
Images via style.com

Land, ho! Are those newly discovered territories or...really big gems? The ladies at Lanvin took on a weighty task for the fall shows and strung on jewels that exercised their earlobes and necks, but not without reaping the benefits. (And each sashayed down the runway as if donning delicate chains, not decadently monstrous pendants.) Art deco-y and baroque, monumental rubies, emeralds, and sapphires brought already luxe fur-encased and glove-bedecked outfits to extravagant new peaks, domains so chic you may want to explore them yourself. Play into this over-the-top lavishness by wearing a pair of earrings and a necklace that match, and juxtapose the chunkiness with a sleek yet relaxed blowout. Et voila! Black-tie (or bar time) ready. 


1. V-Lace Necklace, $26, baublebar.com// 2. Ranita Drops, $68, anthropologie.com// 3. Ranjana Khan Bronze Necklace, $49, thelimited.com// 4. Serpentine Drops, $172, baublebar.com// 5. ASOS Floral Rhinestone Y Necklace, $33.14, asos.com// 6. Rhinestones and Spikes Bib Necklace, $12.97, charmingcharlie.com

xo Heidi

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