Monday, June 18, 2012

Hair Rut: Summer Edition

[Relaxed twist + bun]

While summer hairstyles should never look fussy (especially ones for daytime), it's all too true that the heat is extra hard to beat when my hair's not up. Long locks worn down essentially act as a scarf or thick hat, absorbing heat and sweat. Add in humidity and strands sticking to my face, and I'm already wishing fall were here. And while everyone can toss together a typical ponytail or braid, to me, the basics grow boring by the time July rolls around, and I'm left wondering why I haven't just chopped off my hair already. Here are some looks that have (thankfully) kept me from taking that jump, as they're both refreshingly chic, and well, physically refreshing.

[Tight and messy knot + black bobby pin accents]

[All up + retro bang twist]

[Loose French braid (held together by hairspray and a hidden bobby)]

[Textured pony + hair-wrapped elastic]

[Middle part + wavy texture + thick twists]

[Smooth strands + a sock bun (you can find instructions on how to create one all over the net)]

[Baseball cap + loose knot]

[Sleek + super twisted pony]

[Bouffant in front + bouncy in back]

[Long strands in front + loosely tied pony + delicate headband]

[...or DO cut it all off: the universally flattering "lob" or long bob]

xo Heidi

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