Thursday, December 22, 2011

Collar ID

It's the outfit no-brainer--a collared shirt worn under a sweater. Although this combination has been a go-to for over fifty years, I've recently noticed it take on several modern twists. The collar/sweater collaboration is no longer popping up only in mainstream fashion as women creatively tailor it to their own unique styles. A warning to the preppy woman's closet: hold on tight to this classic layering trick--it's no longer exclusively in your domain.

[ A chambray shirt poking out from under a soft boatneck sweater is unexpected, even more so when a dainty yet quirky necklace is added to the equation. ]

[ Gold studs and chains punk up the unconventional union of black collar and crew-neck sweatshirt. ]

[ A step up from the original combination, this ensemble features a typical white button-up and sweater but adds polish with a chunky necklace of twisted pearls and gems. ]

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