Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mon Ami Gabi

[The menu whose very sight makes my mouth water]

Although the past week has been overwhelmingly busy for me (I just moved back to Madison for the summer and apologize for my absence...but I'm ready to post regularly again!), I was fortunate enough to have a relaxing dinner with my family a couple weeks ago in honor of my sister's high school graduation. A student of four years of high school French (like me), my sister decided upon Mon Ami Gabi when asked where she wanted to dine. With only 5 locations across the country--2 of which are in Illinois--the French eatery boasts dishes gourmet enough for the adventurous eater but large enough for the hearty one. And since my favorite steak (the melts-in-your-mouth-thin Steak Classique) is served up there, I had no qualms about her pick.

[Steak Classique & frites (a.k.a. The Best Thing Ever)]

[The authentic-looking and Parisian casual dining area]

[Full bar & fancy waiters]

[A baguette, of course]

[My sister's roasted chicken & frites]

[Housemade Country Pate]

[Baked Goat Cheese]

[Giant bottles & a mini Eiffel Tower]

[...and even more bottles around the entrance]

xo Heidi

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