Tuesday, July 31, 2012

South Pull

[Post-dinner stroll in a tiny downtown]

This past weekend I got to road-trip down to Tennessee to visit one of my best friends, and needless to say, good times ensued. When we--myself, my Tennessee bud, and the 3 other friends I traveled with--weren't goofing off as we typically do, we were dancing in country-music-filled dive bars, bobbing in one of the state's many pristine lakes, and lounging around while taking in the Olympic games. As if all that weren't enough to make me want to return next summer, a southern chain restaurant called Zaxby's served us up some birthday cake shakes that I still just can't get off my mind. Until next year, my $10 Target cowboy hat.

[My friend's adorable (albeit rambunctious) puppy Brady]

[On the road in Tennessee]

[My friend driving...and wearing a Snuggie]

[Tubing on the lake]

[The Smoky Mountains & green grass]

[Hoarding apple cinnamon jelly from a restaurant--I've never seen it up north!]

[Hat love on the dashboard]

xo Heidi

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