Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What Lies Beneath

You know how wearing a great pair of underwear can make you feel about 10 times better/hotter/more like one of those loose girls on a television drama (they always take off their clothing unannounced yet seem to be prepared in clean, matching lingerie)? Well, if you're shaking your head to yourself right now, I feel pretty awkward, almost as awkward as I did while putting together this collage of undies in the library. I focus best in there, okay? 
Anyway, regardless of whether or not you've experienced the power of exceptional undergarments, I'm going to share with you my love of Aerie's Vintage Lace Tanga. These babies fit true to size and oh-so comfortably, and I love how soft and thin their lace is. And as a girl who just can't get into thongs--well, I can get into them, but I cannot stay in them for more than a couple hours--the tanga shape, having more coverage than a bikini but less granny-pantyish coverage than a boyshort or, well, granny panties, is perfect. The dozens of colors they come in is merely the cherry on top of their nylon and spandex cake. Oh yeah, and they're typically 5 for $25, a deal in itself, but right now they're only $3.99 a piece. So go buy like 60. Alright, maybe not that many. I mean, you probably don't have to do an impromptu strip-down anytime soon as you aren't a cast member of "Revenge" or "Gossip Girl."

xo Heidi 

P.S. How uncomfortable did you feel opening this page only to find scroll upon scroll of underwear? I'm starting to regret that library session. 

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  1. It always feels good to have a pair of nice Panties on, I will be shopping for some Panties this weekend and your post has given me some ideas.