Friday, July 20, 2012

ParLUSH-vous Francais?

[Chloe's always drinking, but, hey, at least she does it with a classy glass.]

A few months ago, I became a fan of ABC's "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23." I enjoy the show for many reasons (one of which is James Van Der Beek's goofy turn as himself), but most of all because of main character Chloe's sharp tongue, shocking opinions, and (contrastingly) chic style. And because of that dang awesome Eiffel Tower wine glass she's always sipping out of. Lord knows what's in the cup--it's probably vodka considering her affinity for the liquor--but that glass is so ubiquitous on the show that it should be listed in the credits. So obviously you can imagine how elated I was to stumble across the identical model on Now, for $40 for a set of four (or ten bucks a pop for you math underachievers), I too can swear often, prance around naked, and get hammered in the daytime. Because this Parisian-cool goblet's elegance will make all of that okay. Right?

xo Heidi 

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  1. Can we get those and split them?