Monday, July 16, 2012

Inspired By...

...Stacy and Linda (Jennifer Jason Leigh and Phoebe Cates) 
in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, circa 1982

What do high-waisted jeans and boxy sweaters and pleated pants all have in common? Oh, just the fact that the mentions of each would have made me cringe a mere two years ago. And the fact that each is on my fall shopping list. But that's the funny thing about fashion; as worn-out as this sounds, it always repeats itself. And that may be why old movies are such rich inspiration for a wardrobe and surprisingly fresh motivators before a shopping trip. 
So go watch Fast Times, witness the classic shenanigans, soak up the style, and buy yourself some "mom" jeans. Strangely, you'll probably look cooler than you have in a while (but don't tell Mom). Besides, I'm not sure about you, but now the thought of super lowrider jeans, the ones I wore in 2005, makes me ill--they'll create a muffin top without fail!--and I'd much prefer a pair with a higher rise. But that's not to say I'll be fornicating in baseball dugouts anytime soon. Come on, Stacy. Clean it up.

Hawaiian Print Shirt,
Striped Sweater,
Hair Feather,
High-waisted Jeans,
Pleated Shorts,

xo Heidi

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