Friday, August 3, 2012

Bits & Pieces

[My new jewelry keeper: a plastic toy giraffe that I painted gold]

As the end of summer approaches, I'm feeling rather ambivalent about what's to come. I'll be moving into a new apartment soon, a process that typically entails exciting planning, decorating, and (housewarming) partying, but this fall means a whole new--and full!--semester of classes. While I can't help but brood over the unknown--will I pass? will I fail? will I die from sleep deprivation?--I'm also positive that these next few months will be memorable if not some of the best yet. It's the final year of college for many of my friends, and although times are a changin', it's the little things, like randomly finding the china pattern I grew up eating off of in a thrift store, or simple mantras of perseverance, that keep me afloat. Those and my incredible friends and family, that is. I hope you view the transition of seasons as a time for positive change and growth as well!

[The beginnings of my Fall 2012 inspiration board]

[A card I got years ago that I keep taped to my mirror for easy viewing]

[Leftover blackberries from a coffeecake I spontaneously baked]

[UW-Madison's Library Mall at sunrise]

[Finding new uses for a vintage brooch]

[Urban Outfitters right before the summer sale's rush]

[I knew I recognized these thrift store plates...I fed off of them as a kid!]

xo Heidi

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  1. I ate off those same plates!! Lots of good meals....