Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pout About It

[Gettin' lippy: Models at (clockwise from top left) Gucci, Bottega Veneta, YSL, and Rochas boasted major attitude without saying a word.]

My favorite beauty trend for the fall: giving some serious lip. The girls at several fashion powerhouses exhibited their trendsetting potentials with darkly bold lips in shades ranging from black cherry (Rochas) to bordeaux (YSL) to borderline black (Bottega Veneta). And it doesn't matter how comfortable you are experimenting with your look--the lip's intensity can run from subtle to severe depending on how many layers of product you apply and the kind of product you use (a gloss, a balm, a stain, or a lipstick). 
So come September, trade in your basic, fancy-night-red tube of lipstick for something a bit inkier, a little more femme fatale edgy. Just start your primping by creating a simple canvas--forego blush and eyeliner and stick to a simple swipe of mascara and some highlighter in the corners of your eyes. Choose your shade of dangerous red-black, remember to blot (read: you don't want lipstick on your teeth), and don't be surprised if people stand up a little straighter when you walk by. Eyes will be drawn to your lips, after all, a pretty sexy spot if you ask me.


xo Heidi 

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