Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last-Minute Luxury

If you're anything like me, the fact that Christmas is four days away doesn't mean that the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping has ended for you. Every year I find myself scrambling to purchase last-minute gifts, an endeavor that usually concludes with me presenting candy and gift cards (and one time cash!) to those poor few whose gifts I managed to neglect until Christmas Eve. This year, however, none of my friends and family will be receiving a few crumpled fivers from me. My annual problem was solved as soon as I smelled Philosophy's Creme Brulee shower gel/shampoo/bubble bath. Not only does this product conveniently multitask (see end of previous sentence), this baby lives up to its name as well. While I expected it to simply have a souped-up vanilla scent, the body wash undeniably boasts a fragrance identical to that of a dish of creme brulee. Moreover, if you'd prefer something a little less saccharine, the brand offers dozens of fun versions of the product; it scents the washes to resemble everything from margaritas to gingerbread. I don't know how Philosophy does it, but it gets every last top note right. 

While I've known about the line for years and have always adored the clever packaging it uses (each bottle lists an edible recipe for the food its scent resembles), I'd never realized what a luxurious present one of its products would make. With its ability to transform your shower into the aromatic kitchen of a French pastry chef and its reasonable pricing ($16 for 16 oz), Philosophy's Creme Brulee stands as a savior for all my fellow gift-getting procrastinators.

xo Heidi 

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