Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Beginnings

Little me, a clear style maven, circa 1992

     Welcome to A Shoe or Two! As New Year's Eve approaches, I decided that now is a good time to start considering resolutions for 2012. Ever since I can remember, I've been fascinated by fashion and styling. Maybe the dress made out of roses I designed when I was 8 isn't exactly something I'd keep in my closet today, but it does mark the start a true passion I've always held. This blog, my first, stands as a kind of fresh start for the new year and is a place where I hope to share my love of clothing and all that is chic with other people. I aim to grow this blog into a compilation of my musings on fashion, style, and beauty, along with other bits and pieces of life that I love. 2011 has been a significant year of self-discovery and growth for me (I've just declared my major of Textile and Apparel Design!) due to inspirations from various facets of life. I hope that A Shoe or Two can have a significant effect on you, whether it merely gives you an idea for an outfit or helps you discover passions of your own. 
To new beginnings and a future filled with plenty of joie de vivre!

            xo Heidi

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