Monday, December 19, 2011

Cool Style Like Crazy

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   Every now and then I'll see a movie that I can't stop thinking about, even long after the credits have rolled. Many times it's simply due to a great story line or a talented cast. The recent film Like Crazy actually has both of these attributes (along with the honor of being the only movie ever to cause me to cry), but another big reason I've played this love story's scenes over and over in my head is the wardrobe. Cozy, unassuming, and undeniably unique, the film's clothing had me head-over-heels from the first scene. The two main characters, star-crossed lovers from different sides of the globe, are about to graduate from their university. As a college student myself, I felt instantly connected to their ways of life, and moreover, their ways of dressing. Their outfits, especially the female protagonist's, were utterly believable but oh-so cool. From oversized sweaters and jackets to easy skirts and tees, the style exhibited was genuine. Add that to fantastic performances and largely improvised dialogue, and it's no wonder I was so emotionally moved by this movie--it felt like real life.

[ Anna, played by Felicity Jones, sports a comfy-looking striped tee and finishes her look with a high-waisted skirt. ]

[ The couple lounges in the sand in relaxed attire, Anna in a boxy cargo jacket and denim shorts with a simple elasticized waist. ]

[ Jones' character complements her delicate pink blouse and quirky printed skirt with natural-looking hair pulled into a loose and messy braid. ]

[ Under her basic long necklace, Anna wears minimal makeup and a gray boatneck sweatshirt. ]

[ Newcomer Jones is undoubtedly one to watch in both the film and fashion worlds. Here, at a screening of the movie, she glams up in a retro-inspired Dolce & Gabbana floral frock. ]

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